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Hi   I'm MarlaneT 

Speaking with the Artist/Composer...

Think you might find this hard to believe, but...

Today I tried to start advertising my original pieces and songs to people who might find them helpful and encouraging.

Let me share with you the NO-Nos I was given by the company I was trying to put the ads with.,,,,

They notice also objected to the use of the word, "spirit" in the heading because it said the music was "spirit" filled!

They even objected to me promoting my song, Sometimes God's Miracles for the same reason..... the word "God"

I guess my only option is to laugh......and trust that God is in control....

Take care and enjoy the jpgs of my morning attempt to advertise my Christian based music..

Sorry! Is it Ok to say that?

Music with MarlaneT

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Watch and see the chord progression Beethoven used in just 23 measures in his d minor piano sonata Op. 21 No 2....Great fun! Beethove Sonata Dm Opus 31 No 2

Don't let the long list of chords frighten you or shy you away from trying to follow them as

the video tells you what they are BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY

I want you to HEAR those chords as they come.

Hear the MAJOR

Hear the minor

Hear the 7th Chord

Hear.....well you get my point.

Here's a fun fact and listening skill tip.......

YOU DON"T HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE the chords you are listening to

You need only to know how it makes you "feel" and experience it!

We can get to details another time, how to make them.

Enjoy and talk with. you soon......

Music with MarlaneT

A Learning Video Blog Post

Music Theory and Music Listening Skills: Clear, precise and informative.

taught by Music composer and Teacher.

The best way to "understand" Major and Minor is to HEAR what each sounds

like and hear the difference of how they "feel.".

All the best.... 'til next lesson . . .


Music with MarlaneT

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