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The MIRACLES in our lives?

In SPRING it's easy to see God's miracles of creation and nature all around us.

It's downright Spectacular!

Thought that Spring would be a perfect time to think

of the Miracles He has given to us in our lives.

I know many miracles in my life and am so thankful for them. I'm also aware that I may not "know" of many more He has also given me...

"THANK YOU for ALL that you have done for me and given me in my life.

This joyous song came to me as I was thinking of the miracles around me and those that were "given" to me ...and then put those feelings into this song.....

A "Thinking" melody is pensive.....and the melody for the presence of the "spacious and joyous."

AUDIO only


All the best..... Feel free to share with others...


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