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The Beauty of a Dandelion

I have always been respectful and admired God's creation of plants and animals.

When our sons were growing up, I used the "Dandelion" flower in the Spring

to teach them love and respect of all creation. Of not being judgmental or putting "labels" on things. Of appreciating what IS. . . not what we think it is or label it as.

As we would be in our front lawn and seeing our "first" dandelions in the Spring, blooming proudly in the grass. I would tell them, some people refer to this lovely flower as a "weed."

"Why"?" They would ask. Good question.

It is not a "weed" it is a flower.

Made and designed by God like all the other

wonderful and unfathomable creations of God in nature and life.

I would tell them the incredible "levels" of life this little flower has.

How resourceful, strong, cunning and simply beautiful they are.

They "close" at night because it wants to be open, when its friend, the life giving Sun

rays are there for them. Even large spectacular flowers don't all close each day to open and "announce " that the sun has come up and is shining on us.

Here is a favorite jpg of mine that shows the strength of this small flower. I took it at Compo Beach where the gray walking deck meets the brick building....underneath is sand.

Just sand. Inches and inches of soil to grow or put your roots in and yet . . .

here they are smiling in beauty.

I think of this picture often when I face difficult challenges.

It even has this incredible second form that produces seeds that will grow new plants and carried by the wind will color the landscape and surroundings. Children call them "Santa Claus" as they blow them into the wind.

God did not mean or intend that we should be labeling or "judging" a flowers worth or his creations.

Enjoy the bold beautiful Golden Flower that closes to night and opens to day....

When making this video, I wanted to show the beauty of the Dandelion and it made me think of acts of kindness. Seen and unseen. Just like the seen and unseen beauty and dignity of this humble flower that God gave us. This is why I created this short reflective video on acts of kindness using and honoring this wonderful wildflower the "Dandelion."

Take care and all the best. MarlaneT

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