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Little "Red" my favorite "BUSY" Chipmunk

Hope you will enjoy this short REEL of a delightful little chipmunk who

keeps me company at our house.

He's very busy and of all the other chipmunks seem to have this "bright red" identifying color on his backside so I can tell him apart from the others.

Nature is wonderful. Take the time to see it around you.

Sometimes it's a chipmunk.

Sometimes it's a sunrise.

Sometimes it's people around us.


And Sometimes we can find encouragement from nature like this photo of a DANDELION DEFYING nature and growing between a brick wall on a deck over 3 feet of sand on a beach....I took this at Compo in Westport.

It's inspiring...,.

I often think of this picture as I'm trying to make it through the unwanted challenges in a day..


Have a great day.....

LITTLE "RED" my buddy......,makes me smile..

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