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The BEAUTY of Early SPRING & Bach

I am always amazed at the beauty of the "lime green" coloring of early Spring. It lifts my spirit and makes me feel that new birth and growth are putting on a display of beauty to

help "paint" our horizon.

As we drove down this quiet street in our town, it was incredible to see the diversity of trees and sprouting leaves to greet us. The height of the trees. Their branch patterns. All amazing.

Hope you will enjoy this several minutes of "driving" with us

as you hear Bach's C Major Prelude in the background.

I find this prelude peaceful and intriguing at the same time.

I thought it was a perfect "match" for the variances of the different kinds of leaves and trees

as we hear the "variances" of tonalities of the chords as Bach moves from one to the next.

You're listening to me play one of my favorite "Friends." My Steinway.

It was a gift to me from my Mom and Dad as I was studying for a piano career.

I think of that many times as I pass the piano or sit to make it come alive with music.

Have a beautiful Spring day and remember to

"look" around you and see all the special scenes

that are only there now, in early Spring.

All the best


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