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Celebrating the HOLY TRINITY in Song

The Trinity.

To grasp the Trinity and to understand is part of Faith.

Many of us were given the example of one substance in three forms

to help begin to understand a concept of one entity being in three different forms.


Solid water is Ice

Liquid water is fluid and wet

Clouds/Steam and Invisible to eye, water is unseenpartially seen as steam or fog...

God the Father is seen in all creation.

Jesus the Son is known about in Word

The Holy Spirit is the "unseen" but seen world and creator of life and its seven gifts.

I thought I would share this song I wrote about the Holy Trinity for this special weekend of the feast of the Holy Trinity. Hope you will close your eyes.....and give the Trinity a little time to be with.....See how each member of the Trinity is called on and the the different emotional "feel" for each....

Please share with others......

All the best

Till next post....

Time with the Composer


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