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How does a song come to you?

Updated: 1 day ago

New Original Song for PENTECOST....

"Spirit of God Within Me. I'm singing for joy for the love of my God."

This new release today, it a great song to use for an example

of what is sometimes involved in creating or composing music.

Sometimes it's the "RHYTHM" of the words themselves as they are

said outloud that makes a "musical idea" come alive.

Read these words out loud:

The spirit of God is alive in my heart.

The spirit of God is within me.

When I heard these words in my mind as text for a song,

I heard them with a natural rhythm of how they were said.

How I accented them.

I also heard a natural "up and down" inflection of them as I said them,

creating a "melody."

The fun part of this song, was taking that "energy" of the rhythm of the words

and combining it with a mysterious melody similar in up and down pitches as if it was being spoken or called out loud which actually sounded in a minor key:

Listen to it and see if you hear the same....rhythm of the words and the "minor key" melody.

If you listen again and tap as each word is said, you will be tapping out the actual "rhythm" of the phrase as it is being said.

"I'm Singing with Joy for the Love of My God...."

Then the next fun part was even more fun.......taking a melody that is in a minor key like this one and in the Joyous theme of "I'm Singing for Joy for the Love of my God!" and putting it in the MAJOR key instead to make it sound Joyous and up.....

See if you "hear" the change from minor to major......It's just plain fun....

To hear the whole song you can find it on streaming services or to watch the official lyric video you can click on this:

Hope you enjoyed A Conversation....with the Composer MarlaneT

Please send the post to others, if you think they would enjoy....

All the best.

Take care



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