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Love Songs

Special Project using music set to early W.S.Gilbert Poetry

A Wonderful Story:

The book you see above, and the songs "A Love Betrayed," "Mine's the Love," and "What this love may be" are all part of  a wonderful story.  


When I was in college, actually back in Ohio, my Mom found this wonderful antique book of what they referred to then as "Modern Ballads." It is the book you see pictured above.  It is gilded with illustrations by the artist, Alice Havers.


The opening page in the book lists all the lovely "love" poems and their authors.     The book was published in the 1800's.  


I fell in love with four of the poems in the book. To relax, while studying classical music, I wrote original songs to them with my acoustic guitar.


In 2013 I thought it might be nice to record them and put them on my web site. I had so much fun with them and enjoyed playing them on my guitar. So, I picked up my guitar and got the book and opened it to the pages where I had penciled in chords to remind me of what to play and then remembered the fun melodies I had composed as the songs came back to me and I put them down.  


It wasn't untiI I started to do the paper part of putting the songs down, that I realized that one of the poets was W.S. Gilbert of Gilbert & Sulivan.  


So that's the story behind the book and behind the songs....


Hope you enjoy the fun and beauty of the words and poetry and enjoy an original take on portraying them in music.


There are actually three more that i hope to put down eventually.  Will keep you posted.


Marlane Tubridy 

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