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HI I'm Marlane

Updated: Apr 4

I would like to welcome you to a new venture for me.......blogging.....

A musician for many years. A Composer. Classically Trained.

A singer of opera. A cantor. A folk musician.

A video producer. A vocal artist.

and now...... hopefully. . . . a Blogger...

I guess you will let me know, if you find the posts interesting,

helpful, inspirational or just plain fun.

The posts will be in three categories.

The love of nature

The love of music

A strong Faith

I love learning

and I love to help others learn.

so here are three examples of the "fun" I hope to have on our mutual Blog . . .

Original Nature Footage

Original Music and Songs of Faith

Original Learning Videos about Listening Skillsl of Music

Sign up on website to receive notices of new uploads.

All the best......



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