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In RECORDING Sessions for Album Three!

The process of picking just the "right" songs and works to put together in an album, is an important and serious one .

The contrast of the songs.

The contrast of emotions and styles all play an important part in the decision process.

It is like planning a "live" concert. More about the selections, another time.

I'm going to title the album, It is "I" in You.

It is a new song that I just performed in a Lenten live concert.

It talks about wanting to do something nice for someone else or

how we might "know" if someone needs our help...

We ask in our prayers and God answers and says...

"It is "I" in you.

When you sense what to do and how you can help....

it is "I" in you telling and guiding you."

"It is both you and "I".......

Till next time...

All the best, MarlaneT

Talk with the "composer."

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