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How the original song came about.....


I wanted to compose a JOYOUS song about Miracles in our lives. It's always easier to see them when we "look back" at our past. Many become quite obvious. Some stay "hidden." 


The main melody of this piece is JOYOUS with a rhythmical bounce and ups and downs of mood. 


A melody that we might "call up and remember" so we might see the miracle we are receiving at the very time it is happening! Then we would be able to say,"ThankYou" much sooner. With gratitude and thankfulness. 


Hope you enjoy the joy of the melody as you listen....

and maybe we'll both "hear" it when we need to "see" miracles as they are happening around us and in our lives.


    Excerpts from songs of faith         to be prayerful and consoling.
Original PrayerCHANTS
Short phrases sung and
repeated that bring us
in contact with our Lord.
Insightful peaceful time in prayer.

Ends with joyful and glorious song of God's Resurrection, walking the earth again and His 
promise that "We too shall rise!"

Click on Song Cover to hear song
on major streaming services 

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