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The Story behind these two Love Songs

My husband and I have two wonderful sons.  

"A True Love Found"

Our oldest son found his "true love" and she hers, and were to be married.  

They asked if I would sing at the wedding.

As I watched how loving they were when they were together.  How they laughed. How they looked at each other, a meleody started to "pour" into my head.


I pictured the two of them smiling at each other.

How they looked at each other.  I could see how "everything seemed to be so much better now." 

There was so much more meaning, joy and hope     for each day and those to come. 


It is to that, that the song fell into my heart and I scored it for them and sang it for them at their wedding.  


A beautiful note to tell you is,

I asked: "Would you like to hear the song before the wedding so you can make sure that it's ok?"                        

                   They both smiled, and said, 

                   " No Mom. We want to hear it                                              on that day. On our special day.                                      On our wedding day."

                      ...this is they song they heard                                          right after becoming, husband and wife...


"Our Castle of Love"

Our younger son found his "True Love" and announced that they were to be married.  "Our Castle of Love" came to me one morning as I thought about their love and their joy together.  Their  joy in finding each other and each others love, made them feel like "dancing'" through life together, and so the song started that music to dance to...

" in our Castle of Love."

And yes, they heard it for the first time on their wedding day at their reception as they "Danced"  together as Husband and Wife with a joy that none of us there will ever forget.

Hope you enjoy the songs....

Marlane  or "Mom"



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