QUESTION Study in Lent

Study of the Gospels of Lent 2021

First Weekend in Lent 2021 



What are temptations NOW in our society?  

I am sure you can fill the answer sheet to this.

Take a moment to jot down a list of the first ten temptations you see in society today. This will help you identify them as you see them come against others and help you be understanding of their allure.



What are the temptations that come "against" me?

How do I "answer" those temptations?

An honest answer of these two questions, can make it easier to see them as they come up against us and aid in our response to them.

Jot them down on paper as well as what you "want" your response to be. It will help place them in your "Memory" to be there for us when we need them quickly.